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Obtaining a Certificate of Disposition

Obtaining a Certificate of Disposition

There are a lot of interactions surrounding legal cases where there have been witnesses to the event. When someone witnesses an event taking place which could be cause for legal action, the officers and investigators who arrive at the scene gather statements from them. These statements become legal records which are filed with the county courts. These records are referred to as dispositions, which are often used in court cases. To obtain a Certificate of Disposition, a fee needs to be paid to the county clerk's office at the time of request.

Agencies for Retrieval of Dispositions

Depending on what the legal action is that will be taken against an individual, the certificate of disposition could be in a criminal court system or even filed with the supreme court system. There are agencies that specialize in the retrieval of dispositions, which makes it easier for those individuals looking to obtain copies to actually get them. The agency providing this service could charge a flat fee for the retrieval of this legal document. They also promise a quick response, which in some cases could be crucial. The agency has access to all the court records in a particular region, making it easy for them to email or fax copies to their clients.

The Importance of Depositions

Officers arriving on the scene of a crime need to take dispositions from all the people involved to ensure an accurate account of what took place. These statements are filed with the courts because they could prove invaluable later on. If the situation warrants a court case, the case could be scheduled a long time after the actual incident took place. People called to testify as witnesses could change their story about what happened simply because they do not remember. The disposition can be used in court as a way to provide more accurate information.

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