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Certificate Of Disposition

Legal Terms Are Important!
When lawyers refers to the word "calendar", they mean the court calendar which is basically a list of cases awaiting trial or a hearing in court. Just so you don't get confused, that same lawyer may also refer to a "calendar call" as well. This is a court session during which the judge determines the progress of legal cases awaiting trial - also known as "depositions." These depositions must be taken and motions that must be made before trail. On occasion, the judge will set a date for a trial at that time.

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If you are ever involved in a lawsuit as a plaintiff, defendant, or just a witness, you may be called upon to give a deposition. Simply stated, this a sworn testimony of a witness taken out of court by a lawyer, days or weeks and sometimes longer before the trial. These depositions are used to gather information from a witness who may not be able to appear at the trial. Questions that may be asked and any answers given at your deposition will be duly recorded by a court reporter and filed. Lawyers prefer to obtain as much information as possible from a witness via deposition, even though the same witness may testify at the same court trial. Because the witness is under oath the lawyer knows that the witness taking the deposition will not be able to chance his or her words. Court Certificate of Disposition are always available for review.
Note: If you have never been involved in a deposition, be advised that you will be under oath so tell the truth, obey any and all subpoenas, bring all necessary or required documents with you and don't volunteer any information that is not asked. 

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