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Some FAQ'S About the Certificate of Disposition

Some FAQ'S About the Certificate of Disposition

Let's first talk about what a Certificate of Disposition is. Usually, when a case is settled, it's locked and filed away in a county clerk's office. All it is is document that spells out how a case ended or is going to end. Every case has one filed away, even the smaller ones. It's part of the protocol.

Now, some of you might have some questions about this, like how to obtain one. It's rather easy to obtain a copy of this document, if you live in the same area. All you have to do is walk up to the county clerk;s office and request one. All you need is sufficient ID and permission from the person in question. As long as you have the permission of the defendant in the case and the proper ID, they will most likely give it to you.

Now, what happens when you want one and live outside the area? Let's say you live in Florida, but, the case happened outside of Florida. It's easy to do. All you have to do is find out what county the case actually happened in and filed in. Call the office and find out from them how much it will cost. The cost factor will never waive, unless there are very extreme extenuating circumstances. You will be charged no matter where you live.

Send a money order in the mail to the county clerk's office. You must also send an attached letter of request and written permission. Once the county clerk's office gets all of this, you should have the document sent to you. If you haven't received it within the period of time requested, then you should call them again. Find out what happened and move forward from there. 

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